Patch Note 11

Fixed unsummon pet when player is mounted or flying
Implement Opponent specialization, now in the preparation of the arena you receive the specialization of the opponent
Reduce the time without one team losing in battleground to 25 minutes
Implement Dampening, now after 5 minutes of combat in arena all player going to have the Dampening Aura, if both team have 1 healer the dampening going to start after 2 seconds
Implement War Game System, for use now in BFA you need write /WG against a leader opponent
Implement disable item with flag ITEM_FLAG3_PVP_TOURNAMENT_GEAR
Fixed the Pet Specialization
Fixed the Worldquest Achievement
Implement Task progress in World Quest
Fixed the Worldquest count
Fixed the Mooking mounted, Now Druids can use mounts when they're in Moonkin Form.
Fixed a crash in Sort System, reactivate
Fixed the pet level synchronization in Timewalking, now the pet have the same level of the owner.
Implement the new VIP RANK on the server

Full rework on the Goblin Starting Zone. Now playable.
Implement Dragon Maw Intro
Implement DH-Vault of The wardens Starting zone
Added more World Quest
Implement Edge of Reality now you can take the voidtalon of dark star
Implement Weekly Bonus Event now all week gonna take new bonus for playing Skirmish, Battleground or making World Quest
Implement reward of Timewarped Badge in Timewalking, now you can take 5 by boss and 10 for the last boss
Added posibility of loot of the Reins of the Infinite Timereaver in Timewalking
Added the weekly quest of timewalking, than reward 500 Timewarped Badge, this quest is droped by the last boss of a Timewalking Dungeon

-Fishing and Cataclysm Fishing Trainers fixed: Creature[16774]: Erett, Creature[16780]: Drathen, Creature[17101]: Diktynna
-Outland Fishing Trainers fixed: Creature [25580]: Old Man Barlo, Creature [33623]: Fishing, Creature[18018]: Zurjaya, Creature[18911]: Juno Dufrain
-Skinning and Cataclysm Skinning Trainers fixed: Creature[16273]: Mathreyn, Creature[16692]: Tyn, Creature[16763]: Remere, Creature[17441]: Gurf
-Outland Skinning Trainers fixed: Creature [33618]: Skinning, Creature[18755]: Moorutu, Creature[18777]: Jelena Nightsky, Creature[19180]: Seymour, Creature[33641]: Irduil, Creature[33683]: Dremm
-Outland Enchanting Trainers fixed: Creature [33610]: Enchanting, Creature[18753]: Felannia, Creature[18773]: Johan Barnes, Creature[19251]: Enchantress Volali, Creature[19252]: High Enchanter Bardolan, Creature[19540]: Asarnan, Creature[33633]: Enchantress Andiala, Creature[33676]: Zurii
-Enchanting and Cataclysm Enchanting Trainers fixed: Creature[16725]: Nahogg, Creature[16633]: Sedana, Creature[16160]: Magistrix Eredania
-Engineering and Cataclysm Engineering Trainers fixed: Creature[16667]: Danwe, Creature[16726]: Ockil, Creature[17222]: Artificer Daelo, Creature[25099]: Jonathan Garrett
-Outland Engineering Trainers fixed: Creature[17634]: K. Lee Smallfry, Creature[17637]: Mack Diver, Creature[18752]: Zebig, Creature[18775]: Lebowski, Creature[19576]: Xyrol, Creature[24868]: Niobe Whizzlespark, Creature[33634]: Engineer Sinbei, Creature[33677]: Technician Mihila
-Tailoring and Cataclysm Tailoring Trainers fixed: Creature[16366]: Sempstress Ambershine, Creature[16640]: Keelen Sheets, Creature[16729]: Refik, Creature[17487]: Erin Kelly
-Outland Tailoring Trainers fixed: Creature [33613]: Tailoring, Creature[18749]: Dalinna, Creature[18772]: Hama, Creature[33636]: Miralisse, Creature[33684]: Weaver Aoa
-Herbalism and Cataclysm Herbalism Trainers fixed: Creature[16367]: Botanist Tyniarrel, Creature[16644]: Botanist Nathera, Creature[16736]: Cemmorhan, Creature[17434]: Morae, Creature[17983]: Heur
-Outland Herbalism Trainers fixed: Creature[33616]: Herbalism, Creature[18748]: Ruak Stronghorn, Creature[18776]: Rorelien,, Creature[33639]: Botanist Alaenra, Creature[33678]: Jijia
-Leatherworking and Cataclysm Leatherworking Trainers fixed: Creature[16688]: Lynalis Creature[16728]: Akham Creature[17442]: Moordo
-Outland Leatherworking Trainers fixed: Creature[19187]: Darmari Creature[18754]: Barim Spilthoof Creature[18771]: Brumman Creature[21087]: Grikka Creature[33635]: Daenril Creature[33681]: Korim
-Inscription and Cataclysm Inscription Trainers Fixed: Creature[30716]: Thoth Creature[30710]: Zantasia
-Outland Inscription Trainers fixed: Creature[30722]: Neferatti Creature [33615]: Inscription Creature[30721]: Michael Schwan Creature[33638]: Scribe Lanloer Creature[33679]: Recorder Lidio
-Jewelcrafting and Cataclysm Jewelcrafting Trainers: Creature[15501]: Aleinia Creature[19775]: Kalinda Creature[16703]: Amin Creature[19778]: Farii
-Outland Jewelcrafting Trainers fixed.
-Kalimdor and Easter Kingdom Mining and Cataclysm Mining Trainers fixed: Creature[16663]: Belil Creature[17488]: Dulvi Creature[18804]: Prospector Nachlan Creature[47431]: Valn
-Mining and Outland Mining Trainers fixed: Creature[18747]: Krugosh Creature[18779]: Hurnak Grimmord Creature[33617]: Mining Creature[33640]: Hanlir
-Some Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdom Blacksmithing and Cataclysm Blacksmithing Trainers fixed: Creature[16724]: Miall Creature[15400]: Arathel Sunforge Creature[16669]: Bemarrin Creature[16724]: Miall Creature[17245]: Blacksmith Calypso
-The following Outland Blacksmithing trainers now train: Creature[16583]: Rohok Creature[16823]: Humphry Creature[19341]: Grutah Creature[20124]: Kradu Grimblade Creature[20125]: Zula Slagfury Creature[21209]: Dumphry Creature[33609]: Blacksmithing Creature[33631]: Barien Creature[33675]: Onodo
-Outland mining skill up for the following deposit types: Fel Iron Deposit Adamantite Deposit Khorium Vein Rich Adamantite Deposit
-Fix Alchemist Stone bonus, now the potion when the player have the stone heal and energize mana a 40% more

Fix OLD-RAID: Molten Core. Can be done now.

Voldum Quest:
Quest 50817 A Charming Tail
Quest 50771 Calldown: Cleaner
Quest 51991 Charging the Batteries
Quest 50812 Awakened Elements
Quest 50656 Risky Rescue
Quest 49666 Make Them Fear Us
Quest 49665 Ready to Riot

Fixed order of quest of Tiragarde Zone:
Quest 47181 The smoking Guns
Quest 50531 Under their noses
Quest 49407 Trixie perfection
Quest 49522 Carentan's Payment
Quest 49523 A bad deal
Quest 49403 Rodrigo´s Revenge
Quest 48080 An element of danger
Quest 48616 Bolas and Birds
Quest 48903 The perfect horse, of course
Quest 48087 Equine Retrieval
Quest 48089 Mountain sounds
Quest 49036 Best in show
Quest 48354 Tainted Shipments
Quest 50351 Miner Operation
Quest 50352 Pinch of Azerite
Quest 50356 Rock meet dynamite
Quest 49531 The Beauty of Marketing
Quest 49465 Maximizing Resources
Quest 48369 Emergent Strategy
Quest 49467 Witch of the Woods
Quest 49225 Chasing the Leader
Quest 49260 Backup While I Pack Up
Quest 50005 Hold my Hand
Quest 49733 Patching up the rear
Quest 49418 Big Boss
Quest 49394 Hold Still
Quest 49395 The Bears and the Bees
Quest 49710 An Offering of Eggs
Quest 49735 Protect the Nests
Quest 49417 Roughneck Riders
Quest 49433 Wendies

From Bugtracker:
Quest 48170 Once Bitten, Twice Shy
Quest 49259 And Justice for All
Quest 47199 The Blood Gate
Quest 47439 Gonk, Lord of the Pack
Quest 49969 Awake a God
Quest 50151 A Steady Ballast
Quest 49897 Making Mysteries
Quest 47948 Pork chop
Quest 48283 Standing accused
Quest 48523 The murderous matron Creature 126441 Matron Levae Can be kill
Quest 48540 Aiding the Warf

Drustvar Quest:
Quest 49223 The long Con
Quest 48113 A pungent solution
Quest 48165 Harmful if swallowed

Solved Report:
Description: Now there's only 1 NPC Rare "Trigore the Lasher" (deleted 2 of 3) ... and now can be tamed

Solved Report:
Description: Now the NPC Rare "Darkmaster Gandling" can be kill by a small party of 2 o 3 members of low level (~35)

Solved Report:
Description: The NPC Rare "Blistermaw" have 3m of life... fixed, now have 200k as sshould be.

Solved Report:
Description: The NPC Rare "Vraxthul" was not spawned in world... solved. Added NPC into The Spirit Crucible

Solved Report:
Description: The NPC Rare "Wrangler Kravos" was not spawned in world... solved. Added NPC in the right location

Solved Report:
Description: The NPC Rare "Deathcap" was not spawned in world... solved. Added NPC in the right location

Solved Report:
Description: The NPC Rare "Galleon" cant be target it... fixed...

Solved Report:
Description: Now there's only 1 NPC Rare "Trigore the Lasher" (deleted 2 of 3) ... and now can be tamed

Solved Report:
Description: Now the NPC Rare "Darkmaster Gandling" can be kill by a small party of 2 o 3 members of low level (~35)

Holy Paladin - Divine Favor. Now Divine Favor buff is only removed if the Paladin casts Holy Light or Flash of Light.
Holy Paladin - Darkest before the Dawn. Now every 5 seconds the healing done by the next Light of Dawn is increased. Stacks up to 10 times.. This effect does not occur while Light of Dawn is on cooldown.
Retribution Paladin - Lightbringer. Judgment now applies Lawbringer to initial targets hit for several seconds. Casting Judgment causes all enemies with Lawbringer effect to suffer up to 5% of their maximum health in Holy damage.
Protection Paladin - Steed of Glory Now Divine Steed lasts for an additional seconds. While active the Paladin become immune to movement impairing effects, and he knocks back enemies that he moves through.
Paladin - Law and Order Now when Hand of Hindrance is dispelled or otherwise removed early, the cooldown is reduced by 15 seconds. Casting Divine Hammer or Blade of Justice applies Hand of Hindrance to target for 3 seconds.

Demo Warlock - Demonic Consumption. Now Demonic Tyrant destroys and absorbs the remaining power of all of your Wild Imps to empower himself.
Demo Warlock - Inner Demmons Now avoids to spawn Wild Imps when the Warlock is flying.

Subtlety Rogue - Veil of the Night. Now the Rogue remain enveloped by the shadows for few seconds after Stealth or Vanish fades, increasing dodge chance by 100%.
Subtlety Rogue - Dagger in the Night. Now each second while Stealth is active, nearby enemies within 20 yards take an additional damage from the next Shadowstrike. Stacks up to 10 times.
Subtlety Rogue - Cold Blood. Now when activated, next Cheap Shot or Shadowstrike will deal up to 10% of the target's total health in Shadow damage.
Subtlety Rogue - Shadow Focus Now Shadow Focus is also activated when Shadow Dance is used.
Subtlety Rogue - Master of Shadows Now the Rogue gains Energy over 3 seconds when you enter Stealth or activate Shadow Dance.
Subtlety Rogue - Night Terrors Now Shuriken Storm applies Shadow Grasp to targets.
Subtlety Rogue - Shadow Grasp Now Backstab and Shadowstrike reduces target movement speed.
Rogue - Maneuverability Now Sprint suppresses all movement-impairing effects for few seconds when used.

Restoration Druid - Incarnation: Tree of Life, now the Tree Form last for 30 seconds. The Druid can enter in and out of this form for its duration.
Restoration Druid - Soul of the Forest Now increases the healing done by next Regrowth or Rejuvenation spell or increases the healing done by the next Wild Growth.
Restoration Druid - Disentanglement Now Efflorescence removes all snare effects from friendly targets when it heals.
Restoration Druid - Revitalize Now Casting Rejuvenation grants the target 2 charges of Revitalize. Revitalize will heal the target after taking a melee critical strike, and increase the duration of Rejuvenation by 3 seconds.
Balance Druid - Starlord
Now Starsurge and Starfall grant Haste for few seconds.
Stacks up to 3 times. Gaining a stack does not refresh the duration.
Resto Druid - Focused Growth Now reduces the mana cost of Lifebloom and Lifebloom also applies Focused Growth to the target, increasing Lifebloom's healing. Stacks up to 5 times.
Druid - Deep Roots Now increases the amount of damage required to cancel Entangling Roots.
Druid - Thorns Now Sprout thorns for few seconds on the friendly target. When victim to melee attacks, thorns deals up to attackers total health in Nature damage. Attackers also have their movement speed reduced for few seconds.
Druid - Entangling Bark Now Ironbark now also grants the target Nature's Grasp, rooting the first 2 melee attackers for few seconds.
Resto Druid - Nourish Now Regrowth automatically applies one of the missing healing over time spells to the target. If all of them are present, Regrowth critically heals.

Arms Warrior - In for the Kill. Now Colossus Smash increases Haste by 10% or 20% if the target health is below 20%.

Discipline Priest - Purified Resolve Now removing harmful effects with Purify will apply Purified Resolve to the target, granting an absorption shield equal to 5% of their maximum health.

Blood DK - Death Chains Now chains 3 enemies together, dealing Shadow damage and causing 20% of all damage taken to also be received by the others in the chain. Lasts for 10 seconds.

Enhancement Shaman - Crashing Storm Now Crash Lightning also electrifies the ground, leaving an electrical field behind which damages enemies within it over few seconds.
Shaman - Electrocute Now when the Shaman successfully Purge a beneficial effect, the enemy suffers Nature damage over few seconds.