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    • Nazmir

      Patch Note 10   04/15/19

      Added "View your own reports". Now your are able to see your own reports, Opened, Solved and Deleted
      Added Pagination. Now you can review existing reports divided by pages (groups of 30)
      Added new categories: Other, Profession with their respective subcategories
      Fixes in Title and WoWhead Link in Reports Page. Now they fit perfectly into the designated space
      Added check to Quest Cat + Wowhead link in Send Page. Now if you are reporting a Quest, the Wowhead link that you put has to belong to a quest
      Increased repeated report detection. Similar Reports continue to be displayed while the submission form is being filled out, but if it is detected that a report on the same has been uploaded before, this new report will not be accepted SYSTEMS
      Worgen should auto-transform to beast when entering Combat
      Ensure all child terrain maps are created before doing any
      Removed wrong emotes played in combat
      Fixed entrance position and dungeon finding condition of some BFA dungeon
      Implement Battlenet Achievement
      Implement XP on battleground ending. After winning/losing a battleground you'll now receive XP
      Implement enemy visual, now you see some spell with different color when you are enemy of the unit and another color when you are allied.
      Implement AREATRIGGER_FLAG_HAS_FOLLOWS_TERRAIN, now areatrigger with this flag follow the terrain WORLD
      Worgen starting zone rework, now playable
      Goblin starting questline - Kezan Map completed, work on goblin starting zone not ready for play
      Some updates for the troll starting area
      Fixed northwatch camp caravans
      Fixed deepholm intro
      Added basic scripts for the dark portal event
      Adding correction and fixing autocompleted quest in Pandaren Zone 
      Fixing Grom'gol camp spawns (position, health)
      Adding graveyard definitions for Stormwind Extraction instance map
      Implement World Boss Doom's Howl, don´t release until we finish Warfront
      Creature Flynn Fairwind (Quest Daughter of the Sea) DUNGEONS
      Shrine of the storm:
      Apply spell fix at third boss root spell, now it's casted on caster's target.
      Apply spell fix at mobs healing spell, now it affects all nearby allies.
      Fixed some issue with boss aqussir.
      Fixed at tidesage council, now they use the runes when full mana.
      Implemented miniboss Windspeaker Heldis implemented miniboss Runecarver Sorn implemented npc Guardian Elemental
      implemented npc jellyfish, at zap
      implemented npc tidesage enforcer, spell Deep  Smash
      implemented npc deepsea ritualist, spell Void Seed
      implemented npc ironhull apprentice
      implemented areatrigger tempest
      implemented npc galecaller apprentice
      Fixed areatrigger Zap
      Fixed areatrigger spell deep smash
      Fixed areatrigger spell void seed
      Fixed areatrigger tempest
      Fixed areatrigger slicing hurricane Temple of Sethraliss
      Added Temple of Sethraliss instance encounters DeadMine
      Rescript DeadMine Grim Batol
      Rescript Grim Batol Dungeon Ataldazar
      Fixed Boss Priestess Alun'za QUESTS
      Zone Zuldazar
      Fixed embrace the voodoo
      Fixed ports and prophecies
      Fixed zuldazar scenes Zone Vold'un
      Quest 51053 The Day the Port Fell
      Quest 51054 Overdue Mutiny
      Quest 51055 The Yard Arm of the Law
      Quest 49138 Captain Gulnaku's Treasure
      Quest 51057 Maroon 'em with Fire
      Quest 51059 The Golden Isle
      Quest 51061 The First Time I Died
      Quest 48326 This Be Mutiny
      Quest 51062 Escaping Zem'lan
      Quest 47871 Seafaring Necessities Zone Tiragarde
      Quest 50544 The hunters of kennings lodge
      Quest 49028 A sweater for rupert 
      Quest 49069 Wanted: OI´Frostclaw
      Quest 49039 Encase of Emergency
      Quest 49897 Making Mysteries 
      Quest 48419 Lured and Allured
      Quest 48421 Blood in the Tides
      Quest 49181 Glimmering locket
      Quest 48606 Loaded for bear
      Quest 49401 Rodrigo's Roost
      Quest 49400 Recruiting Efforts
      Quest 49409 Missing treasure
      Quest 49399 The Big Job 
      Quest 49404 Fairwind´s Friends
      Quest 52431 No-Landing Zone
      Quest 49737 Air Raid
      Quest 52787 Numbing the pain
      Quest 52750 Farmers Who Fight
      Quest 49741 Righteous Retribution
      Quest 49740 Cease Fire!
      Quest 48087 Equine Retrieval Zone Stormheim
      Quest 38210 The Ancient Trials 
      Quest 38459 The Ancient Trials 
      Quest 38331 Havi's Test
      Quest 39590 Ahead of the Game
      Quest 39591 A Trial of Valor
      Quest 39592 A Trial of Will
      Quest 39593 The Shattered Watcher
      Quest 39594 A Trial of Might
      Quest 39597 The Blessing of the Watchers (Stormheim Chapter 3 Completed)
      Quest 39803 The Trials Continue
      Quest 39804 Speaking of Bones
      Quest 39796 To Haustvald
      Quest 38788 Turn the Keys
      Quest 39788 The Runewood's Revenge
      Quest 38810 The Dreaming Fungus
      Quest 38808 Bjornharta
      Quest 38811 Judgment Day
      Quest 38817 Regal Remains
      Quest 38816 Breaking the Bonespeakers
      Quest 38823 The Runes that Bind
      Quest 38815 Waking the Shieldmaiden
      Quest 38818 The Final Judgment (Stormheim Chapter 5 Completed)
      Quest 39837 An Unworthy Task
      Quest 38339 A Little Kelp From My Foes
      Quest 38324 Accessories of the Cursed
      Quest 38347 Stealth by Seaweed
      Quest 39848 A Desperate Bargain
      Quest 39857 The Eternal Nemesis 
      Quest 39849 To Light the Way 
      Quest 39850 Sundered
      Quest 39851 Allies in Death 
      Quest 39853 Victory is Eternal
      Quest 39855 Paid in Lifeblood (Stormheim Chapter 6 Completed) Zone Mount Hyjal
      Quest 27721 Warchief's Command: Mount Hyjal!
      Quest 27726 Hero's Call: Mount Hyjal! Zone Durotar
      Fixed The Wolf and The Kodo (25205)
      Fixed Lost in the floods
      Fixed warchief cometh quest Zone duskwood
      Quest 26760 Cry for the Moon
      Quest 26674 Mistmantle's Revenge Zone Ashenvale
      Quest 13628 Got Wood? Support Zone Borean Tundra
      Quest 11690 Bring 'Em Back Alive
      Quest 11664 Escaping the Mist
      Quest 11643 Mobu's Pneumatic Tank Transjigamarig
      Quest 11894 Patching Up
      Quest 11644 Super Strong Metal Plates!
      Quest 11913 Take No Chances
      Quest 11896 Weakness to Lightning Zone Dragonblight
      Quest 12261 No Place to Run Zone Eastern Plaguelands
      Quest 27421 Amidst Death, Life Zone Western Plaguelands
      Quest 27156 It's About Time! Zone Hellfire Peninsula
      Quest 10144 Disrupt Their Reinforcements
      Quest 10129 Mission: Gateways Murketh and Shaadraz
      Quest 10895 Zeth'Gor Must Burn! Zone Silithus
      Quest 8314 Unraveling the Mystery Zone Silverpine Forest
      Quest 26998 Iterating Upon Success Zone Tirisfal Glades
      Quest 25046 A Daughter's Embrace SPELLS
      Fixed Spell_Effects_203 - Remove auras of trigger spell
      Fixed Void Elf Racial - Spatial Rift Now tears a rift in space. Reactivate this ability cause to teleport through the rift. Doesn't work trough walls.
      Fixed issue with fly spell in area without the requirement satisfied
      Fixed Mag'har Orc Racial - Ancestral Call Now invokes the spirits of the Orc ancestors, granting you their power for few seconds. MONK
      Monk - Transcendence Now split the Monk body and spirit, leaving the spirit behind for few minutes. Monk can use Transcendence: Transfer to swap locations with his spirit.
      Brewmaster Monk - Tiger Palm Now Tiger Palm reduces the cooldown of the brews.
      Brewmaster Monk - Special Delivery Now drinking Ironskin or Purifying Brew has a 100% chance to toss a keg high into the air that lands nearby after 3 seconds, dealing damage to all enemies within 8 yards and reducing their movement speed for a few seconds.
      Monk - Song of Chi-Ji Now enemies touched by the cloud will fall into sleep for few seconds.
      Windwalker Monk - Windwalking Now the Monk and his allies within 10 yards have increased movement speed.
      Windwalker Monk - Afterlife Now when the Monk kills an enemy, you summon a Healing Sphere, healing when walk through it. When the Monk kill an enemy with Blackout Kick, has a 50% chance to summon a Chi Sphere, granting 1 Chi when walk through it.
      Brewmaster Monk - Expel Harm Now draws in the positive chi of all the Monk Healing Spheres, and expels negative chi, damaging the nearest enemy for a percent of the amount healed.
      Brewmaster Monk - Gift of the Ox Now when the Monk takes damage, he has a chance to summon a Healing Sphere visible only to him. Moving through this Healing Sphere heals for a certain amount.
      Brewmaster Monk - Celestial Fortune Now the Monk has a chance equal to his critical strike chance to be healed for an additional percent of the amount healed.
      Monk - Control the Mists Now every 10 seconds, Vivify can be cast instantly, and reduces its Energy cost by 100%.  Each Chi spent reduces the remaining time by 2 seconds.
      Windwalker Monk - Afterlife Now when the Monk kills an enemy, you summon a Healing Sphere, healing when walk through it. When the Monk kill an enemy with Blackout Kick, has a 50% chance to summon a Chi Sphere, granting 1 Chi when walk through it. PALADIN
      Fixed the stack of the paladin blessing
      Retribution Paladin - Judgment Now Judgment generate 1 Holy point. WARLOCK
      Warlock - Soul Leech Now the calculations for the shield granted by Soul Leech are done correctly. SHAMAN
      Shaman - Skyfury Totem Now the buff only affects allies. PRIEST
      Priest - Purify / Purify Disease Now Purify / Purify Disease has 8 seconds of cooldown.
      Discipline Priest - Searing Light Now the damage of Smite is increased. When deal damage with Smite the cooldown of Penance is reduced by 1 second.
      Shadow Priest - Driven to Madness Now while Voidform is not active, being attacked will grant to the Priest, Insanity over 3 seconds.
      Shadow Priest - Pure Shadow Now Dispersion reduces damage taken by an additional percent, and causes Voidform to not drain Insanity for an additional 5 seconds after Dispersion ends.
      Shadow Priest - Mind Trauma Now fully-channeled Mind Flays cause the Priest to steal Haste from the target for few seconds. Only a limit amount of haste can be stolen from a single target. Stacks up to 8 times.
      Shadow Priest - Psychic Link Now Mind Blast now deals a percent of its damage to all targets afflicted by Vampiric Touch within 40 yards.
      Priest - Twist of Fate 1- Shadow: Now after damaging a target below 35% health, the Priest gains increased damage and healing for few seconds. 2- Discipline: Now after healing a target below 35% health, the Priest gains increased damage and healing for few seconds. ROGUE
      Assassination Rogue - Deadly Brew Now Deadly Poison applies a minor Wound Poison for a few seconds. WARRIOR
      Fury Warrior - Battle Trace Now the Warrior goes into a trance causing to regenerate a percent of his health and generate Rage every 3 second for several seconds after using Raging Blow twice in a row on a target. Using Raging Blow on a new target will cancel this effect.
      Fury Warrior - Barbarian Now for 3 seconds after casting Heroic Leap, the Warrior may cast the spell a second time without regard for its cooldown. Increases the damage done by Heroic Leap.
      Arms Warrior - Sharpen Blade Now when activated, the next Mortal Strike will deal increased damage and reduce healing taken by 50% for a few seconds.
      Fury Warrior - Whirlwind Now causes your next single-target attack to strike up to 4 additional targets for a percent of the damage. The stacks doesn't multiply the values of the effects. MAGE
      Mage - Temporal Shield Now envelops the Mage in a temporal shield for a few seconds. 100% of all damage taken while shielded will be instantly restored when the shield ends. HUNTER
      Survival Hunter - Mending Bandage Now after used it has a 25 seconds of cooldown.
      Survival Hunter - Explosive Trap Now hurls a fire trap to the target location  that explodes when an enemy approaches, causing Fire damage and knocking all enemies away.  Trap will exist for several seconds.
      Hunter - Aspect of the Turtle Now deflects all attacks and reduces all damage taking by a percent for several, but you cannot attack.
    • Nazmir

      Patch Note 11   05/11/19

      Fixed unsummon pet when player is mounted or flying 
      Implement Opponent specialization, now in the preparation of the arena you receive the specialization of the opponent
      Reduce the time without one team losing in battleground to 25 minutes
      Implement Dampening, now after 5 minutes of combat in arena all player going to have the Dampening Aura, if both team have 1 healer the dampening going to start after 2 seconds
      Implement War Game System, for use now in BFA you need write /WG against a leader opponent
      Implement disable item with flag ITEM_FLAG3_PVP_TOURNAMENT_GEAR 
      Fixed the Pet Specialization
      Fixed the Worldquest Achievement
      Implement Task progress in World Quest
      Fixed the Worldquest count
      Fixed the Mooking mounted, Now Druids can use mounts when they're in Moonkin Form.
      Fixed a crash in Sort System, reactivate
      Fixed the pet level synchronization in Timewalking, now the pet have the same level of the owner.
      Implement the new VIP RANK on the server WORLD
      Full rework on the Goblin Starting Zone. Now playable.
      Implement Dragon Maw Intro
      Implement  DH-Vault of The wardens Starting zone 
      Added more World Quest
      Implement Edge of Reality now you can take the voidtalon of dark star
      Implement Weekly Bonus Event now all week gonna take new bonus for playing Skirmish, Battleground or making World Quest
      Implement reward of Timewarped Badge in Timewalking, now you can take 5 by boss and 10 for the last boss
      Added posibility of loot of the  Reins of the Infinite Timereaver in Timewalking
      Added the weekly quest of timewalking, than reward 500 Timewarped Badge, this quest is droped by the last boss of a Timewalking Dungeon PROFESSIONS
      -Fishing and Cataclysm Fishing Trainers fixed: Creature[16774]: Erett, Creature[16780]: Drathen, Creature[17101]: Diktynna
      -Outland Fishing Trainers fixed: Creature [25580]: Old Man Barlo, Creature [33623]: Fishing, Creature[18018]: Zurjaya, Creature[18911]: Juno Dufrain
      -Skinning and Cataclysm Skinning Trainers fixed: Creature[16273]: Mathreyn, Creature[16692]: Tyn, Creature[16763]: Remere, Creature[17441]: Gurf
      -Outland Skinning Trainers fixed: Creature [33618]: Skinning, Creature[18755]: Moorutu, Creature[18777]: Jelena Nightsky, Creature[19180]: Seymour, Creature[33641]: Irduil, Creature[33683]: Dremm
      -Outland Enchanting Trainers fixed: Creature [33610]: Enchanting, Creature[18753]: Felannia, Creature[18773]: Johan Barnes, Creature[19251]: Enchantress Volali, Creature[19252]: High Enchanter Bardolan, Creature[19540]: Asarnan, Creature[33633]: Enchantress Andiala, Creature[33676]: Zurii
      -Enchanting and Cataclysm Enchanting Trainers fixed: Creature[16725]: Nahogg, Creature[16633]: Sedana, Creature[16160]: Magistrix Eredania
      -Engineering and Cataclysm Engineering Trainers fixed: Creature[16667]: Danwe, Creature[16726]: Ockil, Creature[17222]: Artificer Daelo, Creature[25099]: Jonathan Garrett
      -Outland Engineering Trainers fixed: Creature[17634]: K. Lee Smallfry, Creature[17637]: Mack Diver, Creature[18752]: Zebig, Creature[18775]: Lebowski, Creature[19576]: Xyrol, Creature[24868]: Niobe Whizzlespark, Creature[33634]: Engineer Sinbei, Creature[33677]: Technician Mihila
      -Tailoring and Cataclysm Tailoring Trainers fixed: Creature[16366]: Sempstress Ambershine, Creature[16640]: Keelen Sheets, Creature[16729]: Refik, Creature[17487]: Erin Kelly
      -Outland Tailoring Trainers fixed: Creature [33613]: Tailoring, Creature[18749]: Dalinna, Creature[18772]: Hama, Creature[33636]: Miralisse, Creature[33684]: Weaver Aoa
      -Herbalism and Cataclysm Herbalism Trainers fixed: Creature[16367]: Botanist Tyniarrel, Creature[16644]: Botanist Nathera, Creature[16736]: Cemmorhan, Creature[17434]: Morae, Creature[17983]: Heur
      -Outland Herbalism Trainers fixed: Creature[33616]: Herbalism, Creature[18748]: Ruak Stronghorn, Creature[18776]: Rorelien,, Creature[33639]: Botanist Alaenra, Creature[33678]: Jijia
      -Leatherworking and Cataclysm Leatherworking Trainers fixed:  Creature[16688]: Lynalis  Creature[16728]: Akham  Creature[17442]: Moordo
      -Outland Leatherworking Trainers fixed:  Creature[19187]: Darmari  Creature[18754]: Barim Spilthoof  Creature[18771]: Brumman  Creature[21087]: Grikka  Creature[33635]: Daenril  Creature[33681]: Korim
      -Inscription and Cataclysm Inscription Trainers Fixed:  Creature[30716]: Thoth  Creature[30710]: Zantasia
      -Outland Inscription Trainers fixed:  Creature[30722]: Neferatti  Creature [33615]: Inscription  Creature[30721]: Michael Schwan  Creature[33638]: Scribe Lanloer  Creature[33679]: Recorder Lidio
      -Jewelcrafting and Cataclysm Jewelcrafting Trainers:  Creature[15501]: Aleinia  Creature[19775]: Kalinda  Creature[16703]: Amin  Creature[19778]: Farii
      -Outland Jewelcrafting Trainers fixed.
      -Kalimdor and Easter Kingdom Mining and Cataclysm Mining Trainers fixed:  Creature[16663]: Belil  Creature[17488]: Dulvi  Creature[18804]: Prospector Nachlan  Creature[47431]: Valn
      -Mining and Outland Mining Trainers fixed:  Creature[18747]: Krugosh  Creature[18779]: Hurnak Grimmord  Creature[33617]: Mining  Creature[33640]: Hanlir
      -Some Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdom Blacksmithing and Cataclysm Blacksmithing Trainers fixed:  Creature[16724]: Miall  Creature[15400]: Arathel Sunforge  Creature[16669]: Bemarrin  Creature[16724]: Miall  Creature[17245]: Blacksmith Calypso
      -The following Outland Blacksmithing trainers now train:  Creature[16583]: Rohok  Creature[16823]: Humphry  Creature[19341]: Grutah  Creature[20124]: Kradu Grimblade  Creature[20125]: Zula Slagfury  Creature[21209]: Dumphry  Creature[33609]: Blacksmithing  Creature[33631]: Barien  Creature[33675]: Onodo
      -Outland mining skill up for the following deposit types: Fel Iron Deposit Adamantite Deposit Khorium Vein Rich Adamantite Deposit
      -Fix Alchemist Stone bonus, now the potion when the player have the stone heal and energize mana  a 40% more DUNGEON
      Fix OLD-RAID: Molten Core. Can be done now. QUESTS
      Voldum Quest:
      Quest 50817 A Charming Tail
      Quest 50771 Calldown: Cleaner
      Quest 51991 Charging the Batteries
      Quest 50812 Awakened Elements
      Quest 50656 Risky Rescue
      Quest 49666 Make Them Fear Us
      Quest 49665 Ready to Riot Fixed order of quest of Tiragarde Zone:
      Quest 47181 The smoking Guns
      Quest 50531 Under their noses
      Quest 49407 Trixie perfection
      Quest 49522 Carentan's Payment
      Quest 49523 A bad deal
      Quest 49403 Rodrigo´s Revenge
      Quest 48080 An element of danger
      Quest 48616 Bolas and Birds
      Quest 48903 The perfect horse, of course
      Quest 48087 Equine Retrieval
      Quest 48089 Mountain sounds
      Quest 49036 Best in show
      Quest 48354 Tainted Shipments
      Quest 50351 Miner Operation
      Quest 50352 Pinch of Azerite
      Quest 50356 Rock meet dynamite
      Quest 49531 The Beauty of Marketing
      Quest 49465 Maximizing Resources
      Quest 48369 Emergent Strategy
      Quest 49467 Witch of the Woods
      Quest 49225 Chasing the Leader
      Quest 49260 Backup While I Pack Up
      Quest 50005 Hold my Hand
      Quest 49733 Patching up the rear
      Quest 49418 Big Boss
      Quest 49394 Hold Still
      Quest 49395 The Bears and the Bees
      Quest 49710 An Offering of Eggs
      Quest 49735 Protect the Nests
      Quest 49417 Roughneck Riders
      Quest 49433 Wendies From Bugtracker:
      Quest 48170 Once Bitten, Twice Shy
      Quest 49259 And Justice for All
      Quest 47199 The Blood Gate
      Quest 47439 Gonk, Lord of the Pack
      Quest 49969 Awake a God
      Quest 50151 A Steady Ballast
      Quest 49897 Making Mysteries 
      Quest 47948 Pork chop
      Quest 48283 Standing accused
      Quest 48523 The murderous matron Creature 126441 Matron Levae Can be kill
      Quest 48540 Aiding the Warf Drustvar Quest:
      Quest 49223 The long Con 
      Quest 48113 A pungent solution
      Quest 48165 Harmful if swallowed
      Solved Report: https://www.nazmir.com/bugtracker/report.php?id=504
      Description: Now there's only 1 NPC Rare "Trigore the Lasher" (deleted 2 of 3) ... and now can be tamed Solved Report: https://www.nazmir.com/bugtracker/report.php?id=197
      Description: Now the NPC Rare "Darkmaster Gandling" can be kill by a small party of 2 o 3 members of low level (~35) Solved Report: https://www.nazmir.com/bugtracker/report.php?id=491
      Description: The NPC Rare "Blistermaw" have 3m of life... fixed, now have 200k as sshould be. Solved Report: https://www.nazmir.com/bugtracker/report.php?id=493
      Description: The NPC Rare "Vraxthul" was not spawned in world... solved. Added NPC into The Spirit Crucible Solved Report: https://www.nazmir.com/bugtracker/report.php?id=488
      Description: The NPC Rare "Wrangler Kravos" was not spawned in world... solved. Added NPC in the right location Solved Report: https://www.nazmir.com/bugtracker/report.php?id=486
      Description: The NPC Rare "Deathcap" was not spawned in world... solved. Added NPC in the right location Solved Report: https://www.nazmir.com/bugtracker/report.php?id=495
      Description: The NPC Rare "Galleon" cant be target it... fixed... Solved Report: https://www.nazmir.com/bugtracker/report.php?id=504
      Description: Now there's only 1 NPC Rare "Trigore the Lasher" (deleted 2 of 3) ... and now can be tamed Solved Report: https://www.nazmir.com/bugtracker/report.php?id=197
      Description: Now the NPC Rare "Darkmaster Gandling" can be kill by a small party of 2 o 3 members of low level (~35) SPELLS
      Holy Paladin - Divine Favor. Now Divine Favor buff is only removed if the Paladin casts Holy Light or Flash of Light.
      Holy Paladin - Darkest before the Dawn. Now every 5 seconds the healing done by the next Light of Dawn is increased. Stacks up to 10 times.. This effect does not occur while Light of Dawn is on cooldown.
      Retribution Paladin - Lightbringer. Judgment now applies Lawbringer to initial targets hit for several seconds. Casting Judgment causes all enemies with Lawbringer effect to suffer up to 5% of their maximum health in Holy damage.
      Protection Paladin - Steed of Glory Now Divine Steed lasts for an additional seconds. While active the Paladin become immune to movement impairing effects, and he knocks back enemies that he moves through.
      Paladin - Law and Order Now when Hand of Hindrance is dispelled or otherwise removed early, the cooldown is reduced by 15 seconds. Casting Divine Hammer or Blade of Justice applies Hand of Hindrance to target for 3 seconds. WARLOCK
      Demo Warlock - Demonic Consumption. Now Demonic Tyrant destroys and absorbs the remaining power of all of your Wild Imps to empower himself.
      Demo Warlock - Inner Demmons Now avoids to spawn Wild Imps when the Warlock is flying. ROGUE
      Subtlety Rogue - Veil of the Night. Now the Rogue remain enveloped by the shadows for few seconds after Stealth or Vanish fades, increasing dodge chance by 100%.
      Subtlety Rogue - Dagger in the Night. Now each second while Stealth is active, nearby enemies within 20 yards take an additional damage from the next Shadowstrike. Stacks up to 10 times.
      Subtlety Rogue - Cold Blood. Now when activated, next Cheap Shot or Shadowstrike will deal up to 10% of the target's total health in Shadow damage.
      Subtlety Rogue - Shadow Focus Now Shadow Focus is also activated when Shadow Dance is used.
      Subtlety Rogue - Master of Shadows Now the Rogue gains Energy over 3 seconds when you enter Stealth or activate Shadow Dance.
      Subtlety Rogue - Night Terrors Now Shuriken Storm applies Shadow Grasp to targets.
      Subtlety Rogue - Shadow Grasp Now Backstab and Shadowstrike reduces target movement speed.
      Rogue - Maneuverability Now Sprint suppresses all movement-impairing effects for few seconds when used. DRUID
      Restoration Druid - Incarnation: Tree of Life, now the Tree Form last for 30 seconds. The Druid can enter in and out of this form for its duration.
      Restoration Druid - Soul of the Forest Now increases the healing done by next Regrowth or Rejuvenation spell or increases the healing done by the next Wild Growth.
      Restoration Druid - Disentanglement Now Efflorescence removes all snare effects from friendly targets when it heals.
      Restoration Druid - Revitalize Now Casting Rejuvenation grants the target 2 charges of Revitalize. Revitalize will heal the target after taking a melee critical strike, and increase the duration of Rejuvenation by 3 seconds.
      Balance Druid - Starlord
      Now Starsurge and Starfall grant Haste for few seconds.
      Stacks up to 3 times. Gaining a stack does not refresh the duration.
      Resto Druid - Focused Growth Now reduces the mana cost of Lifebloom and Lifebloom also applies Focused Growth to the target, increasing Lifebloom's healing. Stacks up to 5 times.
      Druid - Deep Roots Now increases the amount of damage required to cancel Entangling Roots.
      Druid - Thorns Now Sprout thorns for few seconds on the friendly target. When victim to melee attacks, thorns deals up to attackers total health in Nature damage. Attackers also have their movement speed reduced for few seconds.
      Druid - Entangling Bark Now Ironbark now also grants the target Nature's Grasp, rooting the first 2 melee attackers for few seconds.
      Resto Druid - Nourish Now Regrowth automatically applies one of the missing healing over time spells to the target. If all of them are present, Regrowth critically heals. WARRIOR
      Arms Warrior - In for the Kill. Now Colossus Smash increases Haste by 10% or 20% if the target health is below 20%. PRIEST
      Discipline Priest - Purified Resolve Now removing harmful effects with Purify will apply Purified Resolve to the target, granting an absorption shield equal to 5% of their maximum health. DEATHKNIGHT
      Blood DK - Death Chains Now chains 3 enemies together, dealing Shadow damage and causing 20% of all damage taken to also be received by the others in the chain. Lasts for 10 seconds. SHAMAN
      Enhancement Shaman - Crashing Storm Now Crash Lightning also electrifies the ground, leaving an electrical field behind which damages enemies within it over few seconds.
      Shaman - Electrocute Now when the Shaman successfully Purge a beneficial effect, the enemy suffers Nature damage over few seconds.

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  1. horde [DE] gilde "Nordlichter"

    Hallo Die Horde Nordlichter suchen noch neue Mitspieler , Fokus der Gilde liegt im pve / pvp aktuell werde auch noch Gilden Offiziere gesucht wer in die gilde möchte einfach Kielerdud oder fals der nicht on sein sollte Merlindria anschreiben wenn ekiner on sein sollte könnt ihr einfach den discord beitretten da ist eigentlich immer wer da
  2. horde Horde Gilde!

    Guten Tag Ich habe vor eine deutsche Gilde, auf der Horde Seite aufzuziehen. Ob PVP oder PVE ist egal, da wir erst mal eine Stammgruppe zusammenbekommen müssen. Einfach hier im Forum Euren Char Namen hinterlassen oder einfach Apex anschreiben! Weitere Informationen kommen noch!!
  3. horde *Horde* Zen Attitude

    Vous recherchez une guilde, vous êtes H2, alors rejoignez notre guilde " Zen Attitude". Créer pour up tranquillement dans la bonne humeur ! On s'entraide quand on peut, ou pas. Orientation PvP, PvE, bref vous avez le pouvoir de décider ^^ En jeu, vous pouvez MP N'importe quel membre, car pas de restriction pour recruter sauf cas extrême Haha Allez, on vous attend en jeu !! Murmenuit, Vice GM ( Oulala)
  4. Looking for guild

    Hi, I'm a french player and I would like to know if any horde guild are looking for player? I have a Troll Demonist.
  5. twinking 110 or 119 Twinking?

    Hello Everyone, My name is Crashling, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in either doing 110 or 119 twinking with me and making a guild for it? Heck maybe both. If anyone would like to either message me on here or add me on discord: Reedpriest#1003
  6. Stormwind extraction BUG

    Please i need help, i'm totally desperate. I just started a scenario The Stormwind extraction, to save Talanji and Zul etc, but at the stage 3, when i had to meet up with Rokhan, i didn't know what to do, so i randomly clicked on everything and i also talked to Saurfang, which i shouldn't have. And now, at the stage 4, when i HAVE to talk with Saurfang, it won't let me, because i already talked to him in the previous stage and can't again. I abandoned the quest and took it again, but i am still at the same stage. Relog also didn't help. Anything that would solve it? I don't want to start another character to reach this point, that would kill me right away.. EDIT: Now i can't even get into the stockades EDIT 2: Alright, the scenario has been reset somehow, and it's complete
  7. Italy Do It Better, a full italian horde guild, is looking for new members to join us. We have discord channel and some player base since Nazmir launch, we are looking for any kind of player, new or veterans. W/ Keba, Keeran or Letmemoo for more info! Or write under this post La gilda italiana Italy Do It Better sta cercando nuovi membri lato Orda. Abbiamo canale discord e giocatori dal lancio del server, cerchiamo sia nuovi giocatori che veterani di WoW. W/ Keba, Keeran o Letmemoo per ulteriori informazioni! Oppure scrivete sotto questo post
  8. Hello everyone, I would like to start a clan/guild of brave fighters, inspired of the orcish clan "Blackrock". We would like to have any kind of player that feels powerful playing as an Orc or a Mag'Har Orc. If you have another race than Orc/Mag'Har Orc there is absolutely no problem, everyone is welcome, even players that are maybe new or old to World of Warcraft. I am open to ideas as we build this guild together. Feel free to join our Discord here: https://discord.gg/hdtFemb Lok-tar ogar!
  9. Oyé Oyé brave aventurier d'Azeroth ! Bienvenue dans la taverne de "Pochetrons & Dragons", Assieds toi et prends un verre. ~ "Pochetrons & Dragons" est nait dans la tete d'un homme saoule. C'est imbibé de bière jusqu'au sang que notre Grand Tavernier à eu l'idée de créer une nouvelle guilde Hordeuse dans l'espoir de rassembler des héros déchut par l'alcool, dans l'espoir de leur redonner leur grandeurs ! Il a alors parcouru tous les faubourgs, tous les caniveaux, d'Orgrimmar à Fossoyeuse, à la recherche de ces aventuriers en quête d'une nouvelle gloire. C'est maintenant, après avoir réunis ces incommensurables bois-sans-soif, ces bonnes tetes de pioches, ces poches à vins, ces piliers de comptoirs, ces ... Que l'aventure commence ! ~ "Pochetrons et Dragons" est une guilde membre de la Horde à vocation PvE. Nous sommes à la recherche de nouveaux membres dans l'optique de créer une équipe solide pour les Donjons/Raid à venir. Mais bien avant ça, nous sommes à la recherche de personnes qui ont envie d'intégré une véritable communauté. Aucune expérience n'est requise pour nous rejoindre, seulement un minimum de maturité, et d'implication est demandé. (Par implication, j'entend par là une présence dans le canal de guilde. C'est pour nous un minimum.) Apprenez à connaitre les membres de votre guilde, et prenez plaisir a jouer avec eux ! Ils sont votre famille en jeu ! ~ Tu te reconnais dans ces valeurs ? Envie de nous rejoindre ? Des questions ? Je t'invite alors à contacter notre Grand Tavernier "Angoisse" aussi connu sous le nom de "Sinistre" ou bien notre Bois-Sans-Soif "Missfrance". Merci d'avoir pris le temps de t'intéresser à notre guilde et ...
  10. horde [RU Guild] ^-^ Schippers ^-^

    Добрый день , хочу пригласить Вас в гильдию Шипперы(Schippers) , которая будет играть за Орду. От Вас требуется: 1.Помогать своим согильдийцам ,и я буду стараться помочь любому. 2.Быть адекватным , умники нас не интересуют. 3.Собирать PVP и PVE походы. 4.Иследовать новый контент вместе. 5.Получать удовольствие от игры. ЗА ОРДУ!!! Извиняюсь что написал , очень скромно , буду дополнять. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good afternoon, I want to invite you to the Schippers guild, which will play for the Horde. You are required to: 1. To help my co-operatives, and I will try to help anyone. 2. To be adequate, clever men do not interest us. 3. Collect PVP and PVE hikes. 4. Explore new content together. 5. Get pleasure from the game. FOR ORDU !!! I apologize for writing, very modestly, I will supplement.
  11. La hermandad Lobos de la Oscuridad recluta en la Horda a jugadores con ganar de jugar y cooperar. Somos un grupo de personas que viene de las expansiones Burning Crusade y Cataclismo. Hacemos mazmorras todas las semanas! Subimos las mazmorras a youtube! Susurren o manden un mensaje al buzon de "ichigogeta" Nuestro Discord: https://discord.gg/zNE2QV ¿A que esperan?
  12. Cross Faction

    Horde and Alliance (Dungeons) (Allow Cross- Faction to invite) Some servers usually add the option of Cross-faction to play with other players, avoiding long waits or simply that there is a lack of people to start dungeons. It would be a good option to add an option to get more quickly to the dungeons and be able to invite players from different factions, both horde and alliance.
  13. LF a Guild or Will Make A Guild

    Hello Everyone, My name is Crashling or y'all can call me Reed. As the title of this post states, I am looking for a guild to join on the server that does mythic+'s, raiding (when the content is released of course), mainly focusing on hardcore progression raiding that is. What is my experience you may ask? I am a hardcore progression raider from retail, I've cleared all content, but decided to take a break after Uldir because of work reasons (look on my profile for that information.). My other thought is just straight up making a hardcore guild that will compete to get the server firsts, clear the highest possible mythic+ keys, and just straight up push content to see what it holds and what kind of challenge awaits with clearing that content. Please feel free to message me if you have any thoughts or questions regarding this post either on here or on my discord: Reedpriest#1003. Ty, and have a wonderful day/night wherever you may live in the world. Looking forward to hearing from all of you.
  14. A Guild " This Is Brazil " incia sua jornada no Nazmir BFA. Estamos recrutando jogadores com foco no Pve , para que possamos jogar um ambiente saudável e disciplinado em todo o mundo trabalhar em equipe. Buscamos em um ambiente tranqüilo e sem estresse. Onde procuramos jogadores que identificassem com esse perfil. Interessados: procurar no jogo (Snoey) ou algum membro para ser convidado! Discord: https://discord.gg/2pW6t2y
  15. Bonjour tout le monde ! J'ai décidé de répertorier tous les bugs que j'ai pu croiser avec mon chassou troll "Yarken" du niveau 1 à 20 (Je ferai surement la même chose avec mes futurs persos). Je vais lister l'ensemble des problèmes que j'ai vu même celles qui ont déjà été citées précédemment. Plusieurs personnages non pas leur texture attribué et son remplacer par un furbolg notamment pour les lièvres. Cependant ils retrouvent leur bonne texture à leur mort-> cf images "bug texture ..." La boîte à lettre de l'île des Echos n'est pas ciblable Plusieurs ennemis évitent nos attaques et nous suivent à l'infini après les avoir attaquer une première fois -> cf images "Bug attaque évite ..." Bug animation Quête "Vengeance pour Vol'jin" + non obtention de l'objet "Glaive de Vol'jin" https://fr.wowhead.com/quest=51515/vengeance-pour-vol-jin ( J'ai dû faire des auto-attaques pendant 15 min pour tuer Zalazane et compléter la quête ) Bug Quête "Les péons paresseux" https://fr.wowhead.com/quest=25134/les-péons-paresseux Certains péons endormis sont considérés comme "cible incorrecte" -> cf image " Bug péon" Lapin coincé dans le mur à l'entrée de l'auberge de Tranchecolline -> cf images "Bug lapin 1 / 2" A plusieurs endroits dans Durotar et les Tarides du Nord (côté est), des coffres sont à moitié enterrés dans la texture du sol. NB : Bug non dérangeant cf -> image "Bug coffre" Bug Quête "Patrouiller le débord" https://fr.wowhead.com/quest=25188/patrouiller-le-débord Malgré avoir compléter les différentes petites quêtes pour aider les 4 personnages, cela n'est pas comptabilisé pour cette quête -> cf image "Bug patrouiller" Halga Oeil-Sanglant au Poste de Guet-Lointain à l'est des Tarides du Nord conserve un point d'exclamation malgré avoir accepter toutes ces quêtes. De plus, comme d'autres personnages les dialogues (ici : "Yes, I'm ready. Let's do this thing !") sont non actifs. -> cf image "Bug Halga" Bug mort harpie dans Ravin Asséché (Durotar) fouille devenant impossible NB : Bug non dérangeant -> cf image "Bug harpie" Bug métier déjà cité par d'autres joueurs ( Correction -> la maîtresse des métiers de Tranchecolline propose 2 maîtrises de métier du cuir (l'une sans les recettes, l'autre avec) Lorsque j'apprivoise une nouvelle bête, elle meurt directement après l'avoir réanimé et ceci en boucle (ceci n'est pas le cas pour la bête de base) Certains ennemis, qui fuient lorsqu'ils n'ont plus beaucoup de vie, évitent mes attaques, reviennent à leur place initiale et deviennent full HP. (Lors du second essai, j'arrive à les tuer) L'absence du logo et script pour combat mascotte ( Aimant beaucoup ces combats j'attends avec impatience leur arrivée dans ce serveur) Lorsque je monte d'un niveau et que je reçois de nouveaux sorts, ils se dédoublent dans ma barre d'action Depuis que je peux dépecer une bête, lorsque je cible l'une d'entre elles, il s'affiche le logo de dépeçage Si vous avez des questions ou besoin de précisions cher devs, je suis disposé pour vous répondre !
  16. horde [ES] Crowd Control - PvP Guild

    CROWD CONTROL La hermandad está reclutando a personas que quieran enfocarse en el PvP. ¿Quiénes somos? Crowd Control es una hermandad hardcore que busca rescatar a los mejores jugadores de habla hispana del servidor y ayudar, enseñándoles cosas nuevas a los que están en ese largo camino de aprendizaje. ¿Qué hacemos en Crowd Control? - Nos enfocamos principalmente en el PvP (premades de bgs, rbgs, arenas 2c2 y 3c3), sin dejar de lado al PvE, organizando tanto mazmorras como raids en todas las dificultades. - Instruímos a personas en el ámbito PvP. - Organizamos eventos de mundo con recompensas. - Tenemos un ambiente de respeto e integridad entre los miembros. ¿Cómo me uno? Debes cumplir los siguientes requisitos: 1.- Hablar español. 2.- Haber tenido un índice superior a 2000 en arenas 2c2 o 3c3 en esta expansión o cualquiera de las anteriores (un índice bastante suficiente o regular). 3.- Ser activo y tener ganas de aprender, enseñar y compartir conocimientos y experiencias con tus compañeros. Únete a nuestro discord y date a conocer. A qué esperas!? https://discord.gg/JfpJTRd Bienvenido!
  17. horde Warducks

    Are/do you: - A team player on the Horde side of the Legion (Sargeras) side of this server? - Fair player (no hacks/cheats for obvious reasons) - Helpful toward others - Respectful - Like to be in a large group of experienced players who enjoy Myth+ and Raids - With no fixed schedule or mandatory show up? War Ducks might be the guild for you! Apply ingame with a whisper to one of our officers or join us on discord to hang out and have a chat: https://discord.gg/BakrhGh
  18. addons Addon Section in Forum.

    Hello, Nazmir Community. i would love an Addon Section on the Forum or Homepage since there will be some Patchs on Retail the Next Months and some People may don't know how to get Addons for 8.0.1 I Would Add my Addons to the Community as well since i think it could be Helpful. Greetings VruxGaming aka Tod#7633 on DC or Melancholie InGame.
  19. Horde of Hungary Az első magyar guild a Nazmiron! Minden magyar számára ! Legyünk mi a legjobb magyar guild Azerothon! Aktív magyar playereknek akik egy jó közösséghez szeretnének tartozni! Infók: pvp és pve egyaránt Nincs minimum lvl határ Jó hangulatú segítőkész társaság Események részvételéhez discord megléte kötelező Raidek és Mythic péntektől vasárnapig várhatóak Élérhetőségek: Discord : https://discord.gg/AuGu6ua Ingame : Greenevil vagy kommentben
  20. Recently i saw a few players ask about the Stormwind Extraction BfA introduction quest (Horde side) The scenario is doable, if you somewhere stuck with it this is what i did when i tested it : #1 : Pick up the Elixir in front of Nathanos, but don't drink it. #2 : After that go to your "transport" it's located on the Gates of Orgrimmar, click on it. #3 : Break the two padlocks and you will be teleported inside the Stockades. #4 : After Rokhan runs away to the left, help First Arcanist Thalyssra with the 2 guards. #5 : Follow Rokhan with Thalyssra and kill every guard in the hallway. #6 : Meet up with Rokhan and then Speak with Saurfang inside his cell. #7 : Wait for his monologue to stop and go forward with Rokhan and Thalyssra. #8 : Kill the Guards at the end of the hallway, near the cell of Talanji and Zul. #9 : Go inside their room, break the lock and wait for their monologue to stop. #10 : Follow them and fight your way through the Stockades, wait for their monologue again at the end and escape. #11 : On the docks just wait for Jaina's monologue to stop and after the cutscene you will be ported to Zuldazar. #11,5 : If you have a black screen after this just press Alt + F4 and Relog into the game, and now you are in Zuldazar with the quest completed.
  21. Starting (Horde)

    Hi there! Im new user. I played - up to yesterday - on global WoW. But, time came, when I dont have money to spare, so I was looking for private server. If there is somoene who just starting, like me, and wants to level together or sth, please write private message. I will play healer on Horde side. Probably Disc Priest as first character, cause its my main on global server. If anyone is curious, heres a link to my character on global: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/draenor/Daryenae My launcher is working in background as we speak.
  22. horde Nervenheilanstalt

    Wir, die Gilde Nervenheilanstalt, suchen zum Release - und natürlich auch danach - motivierte Member mit Spaß am Spiel. Wenn Du schöne einen anne Pfanne hast, umso besser...ist aber kein Muss. Wir kriegen Dich schon blöde^^ .... Deine Stufe und Dein I-Lvl sind uns total wumpe... solange Du Deine Klasse spielen kannst (womit Du meistens eh schon über-qualifiziert bist), kannst Du Dich gerne bei uns melden...Hoffentlich bis bald....und - Schnitzel, Kartoffeln, Gurkensalat...
  23. Набор в Гильдию , пока нету спец назначения гильдии. Наш Дискoрд : LINK(дискорд)
  24. horde <Ru\Horde><Paradox>

    Paradox УСТАВ ГИЛЬДИИ «Paradox» Игроки, вступившие в Гильдию «Paradox», автоматически считаются ознакомленными с Уставом Гильдии и обязуются его соблюдать. Цель Гильдии Формирование сплоченной команды игроков, способной решать игровые задачи любой сложности, ипросто получение удовольствия от игры в компании приятных людей. Управление Управление Гильдией осуществляется Мастером Гильдии и его Верными Советниками. Помощниками руководящего состава являются Старейшины, к которым относятся РЛы. Мнение остальных участников Гильдии выслушиваетcя и принимаетcя во внимание, однако, последнее слово вcегда оcтаетcя за Мастером Гильдии. Система званий в Гильдии «Paradox»: ГМ – Мастер Гильдии Верный Советник – помощник Мастера Гильдии Старейшина – ПВЕ/ПВП Рейд Лидеры (помощники Верных советников) PVE элита – игроки ПВЕ статиков PVP элита – игроки ПВП статиков Герой-защитник – игрок с ПВП/ПВЕ уклоном , не участвующий в статике Странник – игрок с 120 лвл (при этом с правилами ознакомлен, установлены необходимые аддоны и Дискорд) Новобранец – новенький в Гильдии, не ознакомленный с правилами и/или не имеющий необходимых аддонов/Дискорда Отшельник – нарушитель правил Гильдии * Примечание: В случае, если игрок занимается развитием своего персонажа как в ПВЕ, так и в ПВП: 1 – звание для отображения в игре выбирается по желанию самого игрока (из доступных ему), т.к. в игре может одновременно отражаться только одно звание 2 – в Дискорде званий для отображения может быть назначено больше, чем одно. Приём в Гильдию Обязательным условием приема в Гильдию является наличие установленной программы Discord* (https://discordapp.com/), работоспособных наушников и микрофона. * В случае отсутствия Дискорда, игрок, желающий вступить в Гильдию, обязуется его установить. Игрок, принимающий в Гильдию другого игрока: 1.1. Несет ответственность за соблюдение обязательного условия приема в Гильдию. Обязуется проконтролировать факт установки Дискорда, при необходимости оказать помощь с установкой 1.2. Обязуется проконтролировать корректное заполнение никнейма в Дискорде: никнейм в Дискорде должен состоять из Ника основного персонажа в игре, которым игрок состоит в Гильдии, а в скобках должно быть указано реальное Имя, пример: Nicklaus (Коля) 1.3. Обязуется заполнить заметку в игре/предоставить информацию для заполнения заметки имеющему на то право игроку. Обязательная информация в заметках: Имя, илвл, при необходимости спек. В случае принятия в Гильдию твинка – обязательно отмечать данную информацию в заметках 1.4. Обязуется ознакомить с Уставом Гильдии, указав где его найти к прочтению. Запрещено: 2.1. Оскорбление игроков, а также их близких и/или родных как в личной переписке между игроками, так и в общих игровых и/или дискорд чатах, независимо от принадлежности к фракции/Гильдии 2.2. Провокационные действия, направленные на других игроков, независимо от принадлежности к фракции/Гильдии 2.3. Подстрекательство, независимо от принадлежности к фракции/Гильдии 2.4. Брань/Мат/Нецензурная лексика, независимо от принадлежности к фракции/Гильдии 2.5. Клевета (распространение заведомо ложных сведений, порочащих честь и достоинство другого игрока или подрывающих его репутацию), независимо от принадлежности к фракции/Гильдии 2.6. Негативные высказывания о Гильдии и ее участниках (критика должна быть конструктивной и ей место на Гильдейском собрании) 2.7. Попрошайничество (это влияет на репутацию Гильдии) 2.8. Торговля внутри Гильдии 2.9. Спам/флуд 2.10. Выступать инициатором боя против игроков противоположной фракции. Вступление в бой/убийство допустимо только в рамках защиты, т.е. когда инициатором боя выступил игрок противоложной фракции. ПРИМЕЧАНИЕ: все вышеперечисленные пункты касаются как личной переписки между согильдийцами, так и общих игровых и/или дискорд чатов. Обязанности: 2.11. Не совершать действий прямо или косвенно причиняющих вред Гильдии и ее участникам 2.12. Уважительно относиться к другим участникам Гильдии 2.13. Соблюдать корректность в общении со всеми участниками Гильдии 2.14. Оказывать посильную помощь каждому участнику Гильдии. Исключением являются игроки в звании Отшельник 2.15. Участвовать в рейдовых походах Гильдии и/или прохождении ГС/БГ с согильдийцами и т.д. 2.16. Поддерживать стабильный онлайн в игре. В случае необходимости отсутствия в игре более 7 дней, заранее сообщать руководящему составу (ГМ, Верные Советники)*. При длительном отсутствии (более 3-х месяцев), Вы должны быть готовы к тому, что Вас могут исключить из Гильдии. * Участники еженедельных статиков обязаны уведомлять о своем отсутствии своего РЛа минимум за 1 день до планируемого РТ 2.17. Соблюдать Устав Гильдии и правила игры World of Warcraft 2.18. Установить и использовать для общения с согильдийцами программу Discord, наш канал: https://discord.gg/NQAMdNx ВНИМАНИЕ: - в Дискорде запрещено частое использование/использование не по назначению программных команд, например, @everyone и т.д. - запрещено создавать/удалять каналы без согласования с ГМом и/или Верными Советниками - запрещено удалять сообщения других участников по своему личному усмотрению и/или без обоснованной на то причины - запрещено подключение к голосовому каналу статика в целях посидеть, послушать / поболтать, особенно во время РТ. В каналах статиков должны находиться онли игроки статиков на текущее РТ. 2.19. Установить обязательный аддон - Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) 2.20. Посещать еженедельное общее собрание Гильдии (каждое воскресенье 19:30 по МСК*). На время проведения собрания обязательно присутствовать в канале Дискорда «Собрание Гильдии», а также присутствовать в игре и быть в пати с остальными согильдийцами в месте сбора. * В случае переноса дня и/или времени будет отписано соответствующее сообщение в дискорд чате ** В случае уважительной причины необходимости отсутствия на собрании – ЗАРАНЕЕ предупреждать руководящий состав (ГМа/Верных советников) 2.21. Выполнять указания и следовать решениям, принятым ГМом, который имеет решающее право голоса. Гильдейский банк В целях упреждения заполнения Гильдейского банка ненужными вещами/ингредиентами – доступ в банк открыт только игрокам в звании Старейшина и Верный Советник. В связи с этим, если Вам есть что полезного добавить в банк – отправляйте на почту игрокам, имеющим доступ к банку, с указанием в теме письма: «В банк». Секретный вопрос: как зовут ГМа? Если же Вам необходима какая-либо вещь из Гильдейского банка – также обращайтесь к игрокам в звании Старейшина и Верный Советник. При этом продажа/передача третьим лицам предметов из Гильдейского банка строго запрещены. Причины для исключения из Гильдии 4.1. Личная просьба игрока 4.2. По решению ГМа и его Верных Советников ВНИМАНИЕ: за несоблюдение любого из пунктов данного Устава Мастер Гильдии и/или Верные Советники имеют право самостоятельно исключить нарушителя из Гильдии. При этом обязуются письменно уведомить игрока о таком решении (скриншот данного уведомления обязателен). Шаблон (пример) уведомления: Пункты, ставшие причиной для исключения (опционально): Провокационные действия, направленные на других игроков. Длительное отсутствие в игре (более 2-х месяцев). При самостоятельном уходе из Гильдии игрок лишает себя права вновь вступить в ее ряды. В случае ухода из Гильдии основным персонажем, твинки данного игрока подлежат исключению по усмотрению ГМа и/или Верными Советниками. Исключением является случай, который подробно оговорен, заранее донесен ГМу и утвержден с ним. Меры наказания Причиной для наказания является нарушение любого из положений данного Устава Гильдии. В качестве наказания могут быть применены следующие меры: 5.1. Устное/письменное предупреждение 5.2. Мут в дискорд/игровом чате 5.3. Отстранение от участия в рейдах на срок, определяемый руководящим составом 5.4. Понижение до звания Отшельник вплоть до момента принятия решения по нарушителю 5.5. Исключение из Гильдии. Общая информация Каждый участник Гильдии имеет право задать в Гильдейском игровом/дискорд чате вопрос, касающийся игрового процесса. Если Вам не ответили на вопрос, причины могут быть следующие: - Никто из присутствующих не знает ответа. - Ваши согильдийцы в инсте / в бою / AFK или же попросту не заметили Вашего вопроса в чате. Считать в такой ситуации, что все бессердечные / все Вас ненавидят / весь мир против Вас – глупо. Также, Вы всегда можете задать свой вопрос на форуме, в разделе нашей Гильдии. Кроме того, доступны такие источники информации, как поисковики и базы данных (ru.wowhead.com, thottbot.com и прочие). Уважаемые согильдийцы, помните, мы не ГИ, мы – Гильдия! Это важно. Благодарим за внимание. И Добро пожаловать в Гильдию «Paradox»!