Patch Note 13

Update Loss Control Addons System, fixed the issue with error icon and remove aura
Implement dynamic difficulty system and handle group size mod for damage and health
Implement Battleground Reward need fill data
Fixed the searching areatrigger of type sphere, this will fix the enter for all dungeon
Fixed the adventure map ui, now you can take the quest from map in the class hall for Legion Zone and Boralus or Zandalar for BFA Zone
Implement Mount and Apareance Reward in BFA Arena Season
Implement Anticheat Pasive System
Avoid interact with NPC in Arena
Implement Rated PVP Transform Suppression mechanic
Implement Tapping System
Fixed pet bar disable before level 10 and remove pet when you earn a level
Fixed Out of range group updates will now get sent every 5 seconds instead of as soon as they are available to reflect retail behavior.

More Work in Achievement System:
More Work in Network Packet:
-Implement SMSG_PET_MODE

Add missing Quest Objective description, now many quest don´t gonna show Slain Kill Credit in the description with usUS locale.
Implement new Remake arena of Nagrand and Blade's Edge Arena
Added Call to Arms for Temple of Kotmogu, Silvershine Mine and Deepwing George Battleground
Update some World State for Arena
Adding Missing EsEs and De Locales for Wod and Legion Expansion

Val'sharah Intro questline
Val'sharah Zone Stage 2 Completed
Enable Quest in Scouting Map for BFA zone

Drustvar Zone:
Quest 51543 Saplings in the snow
Quest 50953 Greenstalker
Quest 50001 Breaking Hag
Quest 47981 Cracking the Curse
Quest 48682 A simple sacrifice
Quest 53458 WANTED: Rindlewoe
Quest 47289 Teddies and Tea
Quest 48183 The Hill are alive
Quest 48179 Rescue Ranger

Tiragarde Zone:
Quest 47098 Out like Flynn
Quest 49225 Chasing the leader
Quest 48196 Following Eddie´s Trail
Quest 48899 Safety First
Quest 48005 Be our guest
Quest 48004 Beginner Equitation
Quest 49735 Protect the nests

HighMountain Zone:
Quest 41094 Hatchlings of the Talon
Quest 38907 Keepers of the Hammer
Quest 39272 Poisoned Crops
Quest 39572 Moozy's Adventure
Quest 39025 Grasp of the Underking
Quest 39026 The Drogbar
Quest 39027 Dargrul and the Hammer
Quest 38909 Get to High Ground
Quest 39983 Huln's War - The Arrival
Quest 39992 Huln's War - The Nathrezim
Quest 39577 An Ancient Secret
Quest 39670 Critter Scatter Shot
Quest 40339 Candle of Command
Quest 40345 Burn the Candle at Both Ends
Quest 38910 Rocs vs Eagles
Quest 39387 The Skies of Highmountain
Quest 40170 Amateur Hour
Quest 40216 A Hunter at Heart
Quest 39773 The Soulkeeper's Fate
Quest 40228 Scout It Out
Quest 39373 Hags of a Feather
Quest 39374 An Audience with Torok
Quest 39860 Rite of Blood
Quest 39381 Rock Troll in a Hard Place
Quest 39391 Pet Rocks
Quest 39426 Blood Debt
Quest 39733 The lone mountain

Aszuna Zone:
Quest 38443 Journey to the Repose
Quest 37853 The Death of the Eldest
Quest 37991 Agapanthus
Quest 42271 Their Dying Breaths
Quest 37855 The Last of the Last
Quest 37856 The Withered
Quest 37859 The Consumed
Quest 37858 Stellagosa
Quest 37957 Runas the Shamed
Quest 37857 Runas Knows the Way
Quest 37960 Leyline Abuse
Quest 37959 The Hunger Returns
Quest 37861 The Nightborne Prince
Quest 37860 You Scratch My Back...
Quest 37862 Still Alive
Quest 38015 On the Brink
Quest 38014 Feasting on the Dragon
Quest 42567 Cursed to Wither
Quest 42756 Hunger's End

Vold'un Zone:
Quest 49141 Diplomacy and Dominance
Quest 49002 Forced Grounding
Quest 49003 Vengeance From Above
Quest 50752 Relics of Sethraliss
Quest 50550 The Fall of Emperor Korthek
Quest 49668 Light Up the Gulch
Quest 49437 Tattered Note
Quest 50749 Free Ride
Quest 47943 Crab Trapping
Quest 47577 They Came From The Sea
Quest 47571 The Elder's Wisdom
Quest 47581 Blessing of Kimbul
Quest 47574 All Webbed Up
Quest 47928 Offering for the Loa
Quest 47576 Wrath of the Tiger
Quest 50904 The Abandoned Passage
Quest 50702 Defeat Jakra'zet
Quest 47497 Meet the Goldtusk Gang
Quest 51164 WANTED: Cobra Excursion Participants

Drustvar Zone:
Quest 51543 Saplings in the snow
Quest 49890 Drustfall
Quest 48517 Honorable Discharge
Quest 48184 Pieces of History
Quest 49804 Sharp Thinking
Quest 49803 Changing of the Guard
Quest 49805 Implements of Ill Intent
Quest 49443 A Lesson in Witch Hunting

Argus Krokuun Zone
Quest 47526 Bringing the Big Guns
Quest 47771 Locating the Longshot
Quest 48013 Tracking the Trackers
Quest 47890 Visions of Torment
Quest 47967 An Argus Roper

Fixed Volcanoth Issue in Lost Isle
Quest 24901 - Town in Box Under attack (Goblin starting zone) Blizzlike redefinition
Quest 24575 "Liberation Day" Blizzlike redefinition

Report 685 Quest Ashes to Ashes
Report 672 Breaking Out is Hard to Do

Implement Group Size Base Point Coefficient, to handle damage modification of spell with the size of the group
Implement Pandemic Mechanic
Update Critical Damage and Health calculation, now the critical Damage and critical Heals in PvP combat now deal 150 % of the normal spell / ability effects(down from 200 % ).

Shadow Priest - Psyfiend Now summons a Psyfiend with 10 health to attack the target at range with Psyflay.
Priest - Mind Control Now the aura is reduced to 8 seconds when used on players.
Holy Priest - Spirit of Redemption Now upon death, the Priest becomes the Spirit of Redemption for 15 seconds. The Priest cannot move, attack, be attacked, or be targeted by any spells or effects, and his healing spells cost no mana. When the effect ends, the Priest die.
Priest - Void Shift Now if the target or the caster has less than 25% of Health after the health is changed, the Health is set to 25% of the maximum health.
Holy Priest - Guardian Spirit Now Guardian Spirit can be cast while stunned.
Holy Priest - Prayer of Mending Now Prayer of Mending aura should show the correct value for the healing.

Enhancement Shaman - Feral Spirits Added all the stats for Enhancement Shaman Feral Spirits (wolves).
Elemental Shaman - Greater Storm Elemental Now calls forth a Greater Storm Elemental to hurl gusts of wind that damage the Shaman's enemies. While the Storm Elemental is active, each cast of Lightning Bolt or Chain Lightning reduces the cast time of the successive Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning, stacking up to 20 times. Replaces Great Fire Elemental.
Elemental Shaman - Lightning Bolt Now Lightning Bolt gives 8 points of Maelstrom.
Elemental Shaman - Primal Elementalist Now Shaman's Earth, Fire, and Storm Elementals are drawn from primal elementals 80% more powerful than regular elementals, with additional abilities, and the Shaman gains direct control over them.
Elemental Shaman - Ghost Wolf Now when the Shaman changes to wolf, the Maelstrom bar remains visible.
Shaman - Earthbind Totem Now summons an Earth Totem at the target location for few seconds that slows the movement speed of enemies within 10 yards.
Restoration Shaman - Earthgrab Totem Now summons a totem at the target location for a few seconds. The totem pulses every 2 seconds, rooting all enemies within 10 yards. Enemies previously rooted by the totem instead suffer 50% movement speed reduction.
Enhancement Shaman - Lightning Shield Now adding a charge to the Shield will not reset the Shield duration.
Enhancement Shaman - Ghost Wolf Now when the Shaman changes to wolf, the Maelstrom bar remains visible.
Elemental Shaman - Earthquake Now causes the earth within 8 yards of the target location to tremble and break, dealing Physical damage over a few seconds and sometimes knocking down enemies.
Shaman - Totem Mastery Fix a bug that causes after cast Totem Mastery, some hidden creature attacks Shaman's target.
Enhancement Shaman - Static Cling Now after the Shaman uses Stormstrike twice in a row on an enemy he creates a coil of lightning binding him to the target, increasing the damage the target receives from Shaman's attacks and increases Shaman movement speed while the cling holds. If the target moves further than 15 yards from the Shaman, the cling will break.
Enhancement Shaman - Lightning Shield Now casting again Lightning Shield will not add a charge to the shield. Also, only Stormstrike will grant 2 charges to the shield.
Enhancement Shaman - Healing Surge Now after casting instant Healing Surge, this fix avoid to cast any Healing Surge while moving.

Subtlety Rogue - Shuriken Tornado Now focus intently, then release a Shuriken Storm every sec for the next 4 seconds.

Fixed fire mage mastery (Ignite)
Arcane Mage - Clearcasting
Now Clearcasting interacts correctly with every spell it affects.
1- Arcane Blast and Arcane Missiles will remove the effect correctly.
2- When casting Arcane Missiles moving, the effect will be removed only after the cast was completed or interrupted.
3- PvP talent: Arcane Empowerment will work just fine.

Warlock - Soulstone Now Soulstone can be used to revive dead players when Rank 2 is learned.
Warlock - Ritual of Summoning Now Ritual of Summoning can be used.
Warlock - Ritual of Summoning Fix the rotation of the portal to always faces the caster.
Demonology Warlock - Soul Strike Fix the calculation for the Soul Strike damage.
Demonology Warlock - Doom Now inflicts impending doom upon the target, causing Shadow damage after a few seconds. If Doom kills the target, there is a 5% chance to summon a Doomguard to fight for a few seconds. The Doomguard will assault the Warlock targets with Doom Bolts.
Destruction Warlock - Grimoire of Supremacy Now the stacks of the aura are incremented based on every Soul Shard spent.

Frost DK - Delirium Now Howling Blast applies Delirium to all hit targets and not only the main target.
Frost DK - Chill Streak Now deals up to 3% of the target's total health in Frost damage and reduces their movement speed for a few seconds. Chill Streak bounces up to 9 times between closest targets.
Frost DK - Empower Rune Weapon Now empower DK's rune weapon, gaining Haste and generating 1 Rune and 5 points of Runic Power instantly and every 5 sec.
Frost DK - Murderous Efficiency Now consuming a Killing Machine effect has a 50% chance to grant 1 Rune.
Frost DK - Runic Empowerment Now each Runic Power point spent has a 1.5% chance to instantly grant a Rune to the DK.
Frost DK - Obliteration Now while Pillar of Frost is active, Frost Strike, Glacial Advance, and Howling Blast always grant Killing Machine and have a 30% chance to generate a Rune.
Frost DK - Icecap Now Obliterate, Frost Strike and Frostscythe critical strikes reduce the remaining cooldown of Pillar of Frost.
Frost DK - Howling Blast Now Howling Blast applies Frost Fever to all targets. In addition, the damage overtime of Frost Fever has a chance to generate 5 points of Runic Power.
Frost DK - Frostscythe Now Frostscythe benefits from Killer Machine buff. Also critical strikes from Frostscythe will deal 4 times normal damage.
Frost DK - Glacial advance Now Glacial advance applies Razorice to the enemies near the spike eruption point.
Frost DK - Obliterate Now Obliterate will always deals critical damage with both hands when Killing Machine buff is active.
Frost DK - Pilar of Frost Now the power of frost increases DK's Strength by 15% for a few seconds. Each Rune spent while active increases Strength by an additional 1%.
Frost DK - Inexorable Assault Now when the Talent is removed or the DK changes specialization, the aura with its stacks are also removed.
Unholy DK - Pandemic Now when the DK uses Outbreak, all enemies within 20 yards afflicted by the DK's diseases take Shadow damage and the duration of the diseases on them are refreshed.
Unholy DK - Wandering Plague Now Outbreak also infects the target with Wandering Plague, causing Shadow damage over few seconds. When Wandering Plague's duration ends or is dispelled, it jumps to a nearby enemy within 30 yards afflicted by one of the DK's diseases. Lasts for 3 jumps. Can be only one Wandering Plague active at any one time.
Unholy DK - Dark Transformation Now the new pet will use its spells correctly.
Unholy DK - Reanimation Now reanimates a nearby corpse, summoning a zombie with 20 health to slowly move towards the target.
Unholy DK - Virulent Plague Now Virulent Plague eruption damage is divide among the enemies within 8 yards of the target.

Brewmaster Monk - Double Barrel Now next Keg Smash deals additional damage, and stuns all targets it hits for a few seconds.
Brewmaster Monk - Incendiary Breath Now increases the radius and damage of Breath of Fire by 100%, causing it to disorient all targets it strikes for a few seconds, but its cooldown is increased by 100%.
Brewmaster Monk - Avert Harm Now guards the 1 closest players within 15 yards for a few seconds, allowing the Monk to Stagger 20% of damage they take.
Brewmaster Monk - Hot Trub Now Purifying Brew deals 30% of the purified staggered damage to all enemies within 10 yards.
Brewmaster Monk - Keg Smash Now Keg Smash only throws a Keg to the enemy.
Brewmaster Monk - Stagger Now Stagger bar should work and it will show the remaining total Stagger amount.
Mistweaver Monk - Way of the Crane Now increases Physical damage, remove and becomes immune to all snare and root effects to the Monk and heal up to 3 nearest allies for 200% of all damage the Monk is doing.
Mistweaver Monk - Jade Serpent Statue Now the Statue will continue casting Soothing Mist on the target even if the Monk is stopping to channel Soothing Mist on that target.

Protection Warrior - Dragon Charge Now runs at high speed at a distance in front of the Warrior. All enemies in the path will take Physical damage and will be knocked back.
Protection Warrior - Warpath Now when landing with Heroic Leap, all targets are stunned for a few seconds.
Protection Warrior - Bodyguard Now protects an ally, causing 40% of all Physical damage they take to be transfered to the Warrior. When the target takes Physical damage, Shield Slam cooldown has a chance to be reset. Bodyguard is cancelled if the target is further than 15 yards from the Warrior. Only one target can be Bodyguarded at a time.
Protection Warrior - Leave No Man Behind Now using Intercept on allies reduces all damage they receive for few seconds.
Arms Warrior - War Banner Now the Warrior throws down a war banner at his feet, rallying his allies.
Arms Warrior - Duel Now the Warrior challenges the target to a duel. While challenged, all damage the Warrior and the target deal to all targets other than each other is reduced. Lasts 6 seconds.

Vengeance DH - Fallout Now Immolation Aura's initial burst has a chance to shatter Lesser Soul Fragments from enemies.
Vengeance DH - Cleansed by Flame Now Immolation Aura dispels all magical effects when cast.
Vengeance DH - Jagged Spikes Now while Demon Spikes is active, melee attacks against the Demon Hunter cause Physical damage equal to 30% of the damage taken back to the attacker.

Marksmanship Hunter - Aimed Shot Now damage is increased by 50% against a target the Hunter has not yet damaged.
Marksmanship Hunter - Precise Shots Now Aimed Shot causes next 1-max Arcane Shots or Multi-Shots to deal more damage.
Marksmanship Hunter - Trailblazer Now Trailblazer buff is removed when the talent is unlearned.
Marksmanship Hunter - Natural Mending Now every 20 Focus spent, reduces the remaining cooldown on Exhilaration by 1 sec.

Retribution Paladin - Sentence Debuff Now the debuff is removed from the target when the Paladin cast on the target any spell that uses Holy Power.
Retribution Paladin - Judgment Added a verification to Proc only with the caster of the aura.

Balance Druid - Crescent Moon Now using Moonfire on a target already afflicted by Moonfire's damage over time effect deals additional direct damage.
Balance Druid - Celestial Downpour Now Increases the duration of Starfall, but only one may be active at a time.
Balance Druid - Warrior of Elune Now the next 3 Lunar Strikes are instant cast and generate additional Astral Power.
Druid - Tiger Dash Now activates Cat Form and increases movement speed, reducing gradually over few seconds.
Balance Druid - Nature's Balance Now while in combat or when Astral Power is below 50 points, the Druid generates 2 Astral Power every 3 seconds. While out of combat, the Astral Power rebalances to 50 instead of depleting to empty.
Balance Druid - Shooting Star Now Shooting Star generates 4 poins of Astral Power when it hits the target.
Balance Druid - Wild Charge Now Wild Charge can be used in Moonkin Form, regardless the combat.
Balance Druid - Nature's Balance Now the re-balance to 50 points of Astral Power when the Druid is out of combat occurs more quickly.
Guardian Druid - Master Shapeshifter Now Feral, Balance or Restoration Affinity is amplified granting an additional effect.
Balance Druid Empowerments Now after change specialization, Empowerment auras (Lunar and Solar) are removed.
Feral Druid - Shred Now Shred only grants 1 Combo Point.
Restoration Druid - Germination Now the Druid can apply Rejuvenation twice to the same target.
Druid - Tiger Dash Now speed boost from Tiger Dash is fade away slowly.
Restoration Druid Now instantly applies Lifebloom, Rejuvenation, Wild Growth, and Regrowth's heal over time effect to the target.
Restoration Druid - Ursols Vortex Now conjures a vortex of wind at the destination, reducing the movement speed of all enemies within 8 yards yards. The first time an enemy attempts to leave the vortex, winds will pull that enemy back to its center. Usable in all shapeshift forms.