Patch Note 14

Implemented bonus upgrade item, now the item can be warforged or titanforged, and can have bonus stats and prismatic socket.
Fixed First day winner of Battleground, now all bracket have the opportunity to give the double of honor with the first game played.
Fixed Azerite Items, now Azerite Powers can be set for every Azerite Item and will be applied/learned the corresponding aura/spell. Saving the player will also save correctly the item and the chosen powers (works with both, equipped items and bag items).
Fixed reward of Skirmish.
Implemented Epic Battleground, now you can enter and earn the reward figthing in this battle.
Fixed scale of the Heart of Azeroth, now it begins in level 280 and keeps scaling with 2 item levels per level reached. The players´s item with the item level above the required will be rescaled automatically.
The reset of spell charges now works correctly when the spell charges are restored. This fixes several spells which depend on this system, foe example: Priest: Shadowy Insight, Warrior: Overpower, etc.
Fixed mail send it in the same account with different factions.
Fixed CORE: Talents of specific specialization overriding spells of other specializations. This fixes the problem of some talents overriding spells regardless of specialization.
Fixed enter to skirmish with healer, now you can´t join to a queue of skirmish in healer role.
Fixed loot of personal loot with specialization.
Improved Bonus Upgrade logic and made blizzlike, now you have a descendance chance for item level upgrade, the weapons can only be Warforged, the azerite item can´t be upgraded, poor item and common items can´t be upgraded either.
Fixed Auction House, in this we fixed the use between faction, the cut value in bid and the mail send it by the auction.
Fixed issue with Loss Control addons and spell than never remove in the client, example Zap.
Fixed save of table Azerite empowerment.
Implemented Dynamic Respawn System, now depending on the ammount of players in a zone, creatures and gameobjects reduce their time of respawn.

Implemented Raid Black Rock Foundry.
Fixed issue with the entry to Black Rock Foundry.
Fixed some instance difficulty for Highmaul and BlackRock Foundry.

Drustvar Zone
Fixed quest of Drustvar (kultiras)
Quest 48517 Honorable Discharge
Quest 49890 Drustfall
Quest 48184 Pieces of History
Quest 49896 To Falconhurst
Quest 51543 Saplings in the snow
Quest 51390(WANTED: The Crimson Cutthroats)
Quest 50903 A missing master
Quest 50265 Saving Master Ashton
Quest 50266 Bittersweet
Quest 50327 A little Pick me up
Quest 50370 Deeper into the woods
Quest 50530 Witch way out?
Quest 51018 Asking for a friend
Quest 51240 WANTED: Anchorface
Quest 52033 The Rime Huntress.
Quest 49803 Changing of the guard.
Fixed Drustvar´s questlines order (kultiras)
Quest 48792 Menace to Society.
Quest 48793 The Adventurer's Society.
Quest 48804 Mistakes Were Made.
Quest 48853 Terminal Degree.
Quest 48476 Split Party.
Quest 48477 Looking For One More.
Quest 48283 Standing Accused.
Quest 48109 The Woods Have Eyes.
Quest 48110 In Case of Ambush.
Quest 48111 Trial by Superstition.
Quest 48113 A Pungent Solution.
Quest 48170 Once Bitten, Twice Shy.
Quest 48165 Harmful If Swallowed.
Quest 48198 The Burden of Proof.
Quest 48171 The Curse of Fletcher's Hollow.
Quest 51356 WANTED: Sister Lilas.
Quest 50449 Reeking Refuge.
Quest 50759 Running Late.
Quest 48942 Yeti to rumble.
Quest 48943 Salvage Right.

Zone Highmountain fixed:
Quest 44173 A Call to Battle
Quest 42512 Highmountain stands
Quest 42036 Idol of the Wilds
Fix quest That_Guy_in_the_Costume
Quest 39440 You Lift, Brul?
Quest 40244 That Guy in the Costume
Quest 40045 Nature vs. Nurture
Quest 40049 Slime Time
Quest 40102 Murlocs: The Next Generation
Quest 39456 Unexpected Allies
Quest 38915 Battle of Snowblind Mesa
Quest 42088 Evacuate Snowmane
Quest 38907 Keepers of the Hammer (some commits left to be uploaded).

Zone Aszuna
Fix Quest Advanced Rune Drawing

Zone Valshara
Fix the main quest chain entire
Fix quest Assassin Entrapment
Chapters 4 and 5 fixed.

Zone Zuramar
Fix Quest 40008 [The Only Way Out is Through]
Fix Quest 40123 [The Nightborne Pact]
Fix Quest 40009 [Arcane Thirst]
Fix Quest 42229 [Shal'Aran]
Fix Quest 44672 [Ancient Mana]
Fix Quest 40012 [An Old Ally]
Fix Quest 40326 [Scattered Memories]
Fix Quest 40012 [Old Ally]
Fix Quest 41760 [Kel'danath's Legacy]
Fix Quest 40011 [Oculeth's Workshop]
Fix Quest 40747 [The Delicate Art of Telemancy]
Fix Quest 44058 [Volpin the Elusive]
Fixed quest The Delicate Art of Telemancy.

Fixed issue with spells learned from the portals trainers by players that are not mages. The spells will be forgotten as soon as those players log in the game.
Fixed SPELL_INTERRUPT_FLAG_ABORT_ON_DMG: now spell with this interrupt flag gonna be interrupted, this fixes spell casting with Capture Point in Battleground.
Fixed issue with SPELL_AURA_MECHANIC_IMMUNITY and spell with atributte of cast in allowed stun, this fixes the issue of spell than can´t be removed by trinkets.
Azerite Spell
Resounding Protection (Azerite Power) Now every 30 seconds, the player gains an absorb shield for 30 seconds.
Frost Mage - Whiteout (Azerite Power) Now Ice Lance deals additional damage and reduces the cooldown of Frozen Orb by 0.5 seconds.
Fire Mage - Duplicative Incineration (Azerite Power) Now Fireball deals additional damage, and has a 5% chance to launch a second Fireball.
Champion of Azeroth (Azerite Power) Now spells and abilities have a chance to increase all secondary stats by 10 for 1 minute, stacking up to 4 times.
Unholy / Blood DK - Bone Spike Graveyard (Azerite Talent), now casting Defile / Death and Decay impales enemies with bone spikes, inflicting Physical damage and healing the DK per enemy hit.
Gemhide (Azerite Talent), now when dealt damage greater than 10% of character maximum health, gains Avoidance and Armor for a few seconds.
Shadow Priest - Spiteful Apparitions (Azerite Talent), now Shadowy Apparitions deal additional damage to enemies suffering from Vampiric Touch.
Holy Priest - Prayerful Litany (Azerite Talent), now Prayer of Healing restores additional health to the most injured ally it affects.
Destruction Warlock - Chaotic Inferno (Azerite Talent), now Chaos Bolt deals additional damage, and has a 25% chance to make the next Incinerate instant.
Affliction Warlock - Wracking Brilliance (Azerite Talent), now every other Soul Shard that Agony generates also increases Intellect for a few seconds.
Impassive Visage (Azerite Talent), now when the character takes damage, is healed. Cannot occur more than once every 6 seconds.

Holy Priest - Surge of Light Now Flash Heal will remove only one stack from Surge of Light
Priest Voidform, now the stacks of the spell will continue to increase in time.
Discipline Priest - Weal And Woe, now healing an ally with Penance increases the damage of your the next Smite. Damaging an enemy with Penance increases the absorption of the next Power Word: Shield.
Shadow Priest - Chorus of Insanity (Azerite Talent), now when Voidform ends, the Priest gains Critical Strike for each stack of Voidform. This effect decays every 1 second.
Fixed Shadow Priest casting of Shadow Word: Pain when he has learned before Purge the Wicked on Discipline specialization plus many other talents with similar behavior.

Subtly Rogue - Find Weakness Now Find Weakness is only trigger by Cheap Shot or Shadowstrike.
Assassination Rogue - Poisoned Wire, now Garrote increases the critical strike rating of the next Mutilate.
Subtly Rogue - Night's Vengeance, now Nightblade increases the damage of the next Eviscerate within 8 seconds.

Retribution Paladin - Crusader Now the Damage and the Haste is increment by 3% per stack.
Retribution Paladin - Fist of Fury Now each Holy Power spent reduces the remaining cooldown on Hammer of Justice by 2 seconds.
Retribution Paladin - Expurgation (Azerite Power) Now Blade of Justice critical hits cause the target to burn for an additional Holy damage every 2 seconds over 6 seconds.
Retribution Paladin - Justicar's Vengeance, now it inflict more damage to the stunned targets.

Mage - Polymorph Now Polymorph is remove by damage.
Spell fix water elemental despawning on picking lonely winter talent.
Arcane Mage - Chrono Shift Now Chrono Shift reduces the speed of the target 50%.
Fix leap teleport position with this fix the blink in Battleground and instance
Mage - Polymorph, now it eliminates when the target receives damage.

Fixed issue of spell (Imprison) not learned when reaching level 100. Those DH with this problem will learn the spell automatically as soon as they log in the game.
Havoc Demon Hunter - Mana Rift, now when the Rift erupts, it inflicts 8% chaos damage to the maximum health and burns 8% of the total mana of the enemies.

Death Strike, now it will heal correctly when learning level 2. Also Dark Succor adds 10% of the maximun health to the present life points.
Frost DK - Frostscythe, now critical hits deal the correct amount of damage.
Unholy DK - Horrid Experimentation, now when Dark Transformation expires, the unholy energy in the ghoul is expelled, dealing Shadow damage to all nearby enemies.
Unholy DK - Harrowing Decay, now Death Coil infects the target with Harrowing Decay, dealing Shadow damage over 4 seconds.
Frost DK - Killer Frost, now Frost Strike deals additional damage with each hit and has a 25% chance on critical strikes to grant Killing Machine.
DK - Anti-Magic Shell, now it absorbs the current amount of magic damage.
DK - Dark Succor, now Dark Succor buff is removed after cast Death Strike.
Frost DK - Cold Hearth, now the damage of the Cold Hearth is incremented by the stack of the aura.
Frost DK - Deathchill, now if the target has Chain of Ice already applied, Death Grip will freeze the target, rooting them in place for 4 seconds.

Fury Warrior - Whirlwind, now the charges decrease when using any other spell. Also, casting Whirlwind generates 3 points of Anger and 1 aditional point per target damaged, up to 8 points.
Fury Warrior - Endless Rage, now it only activates when using Enrage.
Fury Warrior - Thirst for Blood, now Bloodthirst clears all snares and increases the movement speed for a few seconds.
Fixed missing verification on Warrior - Crushing Assault.
Arms Warrior - Crushing Assault, now melee abilities have a chance to increase the damage of the next Slam and reduce its Rage cost by 20 points. Also affects Whirlwind.

Destruction Warlock - Shadowburn, now if the target dies within 5 seconds and gives experience or honor, this spell´s cooldown is restored.
Demonology Warlock - Supreme Commander, now when Demonic Tyrant expires, it consumes its life essence, granting a stack of Demonic Core and increasing Intellect for a few seconds.

Guardian Druid - Gore, now Thrash, Swipe, Moonfire and Maul have a 15% of restoring Mangle´s cooldown.

Fixed missing Shaman visual when Echo of Elements is selected and Lava Surge is activated.
Fixed missing verification on Shaman - Natural Harmony.
Restoration Shaman - Surging Tides (Azarite Talent), now if the target of the Riptide is below 50% of their maximum health, Riptide causes them to absorb damage for a few seconds.
Natural Harmony (Azerite Talent), now: Dealing Fire damage grants critical strike for a few seconds, dealing Frost damage grants mastery for a few seconds and dealing Nature damage grants haste for a few seconds.